Who is at risk from Stretch Marks?

To understand who are most at risk from stretch marks it’s good to understand what a stretch mark is and what causes them. Stretch marks are a type of scar that only involves the dermis. It gets damaged due to rapid growth, putting the skin under an increased amount of tension. From this we can see that those at risk are people undergoing rapid growth such as;

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy the body goes under significant growth and it’s common for stretch marks to develop on expecting mothers in their second and third months of pregnancy. Areas at risk of stretch marks during pregnancy are the woman’s abdomen and/or breasts due to the rapid growth experienced in those areas.


Puberty has a lot to answer for and stretch marks are just another example. If an adolescent child goes through a particularly rapid growth spurt, stretch marks can sometimes appear on their body as a result of stretching of the skin.

Body Builders

In a twist of irony, the quest for the bicep beauty can be riddled with weaknesses in the skin. Rapid muscle growth puts the skin under increased tension which can cause the dermis to break causing stretch marks. A steadier weightlifting program may take longer but the risk of damage will be significantly less.

People Experiencing Rapid Weight Gain or Loss

Individuals whose weight changes rapidly are much more likely to develop stretch marks. Stretch marks due to an increase in weight can appear anywhere on the body but commonly occur on the arms, abdomen, hips and back.

Individuals on drastic diets or who have undergone surgical procedures to lose weight are at a much higher risk for stretch mark development than individuals who lose weight at a sustained pace over time.