Silicone Gel vs Silicone Sheets

Which is better for scar treatment, silicone gel or silicone sheets? Studies so far are not conclusive, however, in many cases, a gel will prove more convenient.

Easy to Apply

Gels have the advantage of being easier to apply than sheets as they can be applied directly to the scar without affecting the surrounding area. Sheets can be somewhat cumbersome on areas where mobility is required. Also, silicone sheets may not be as effective in hairy areas as the adhesion may be compromised.

Cost Effective

Sheets often offer the advantage of being reusable once washed however, in reality, they are not always as adhesive the second time around and can therefore not be as cost effective if you have to repurchase a new sheet each time.


Silicone gels are transparent and rub directly on the skin whilst sheets are visible. A lot of sheets are usually translucent however they are still fairly noticeable.


Finally, one of the most important factors when looking for a good scar treatment is the comfort of the product. Silicone sheets can cause the area to be sweaty and uncomfortable after only a short period of wearing it. Gels, however, are easily applied and can be left between applications with no discomfort.