Scar Share

Scars can have a lasting psychological impact on top of the obvious physical effect. However, we don’t want people to be embarrassed of their scars. Which is why we’re launching #ScarShare. Empowering people to share their personal experiences.

Scars are common place with most people having at least one. Most if not all scars have some story behind how they came to be. At SilDerm we want to hear the stories behind your scars.  Whether it’s an old sporting injury or surgical scars from a life saving operation we want to hear how you earned your battle scars.

The most inspiring, interesting or uplifting story will win themselves a SilDerm Scar bundle. To get involved, simply use #ScarShare on social media in your post about how you got your scars. You can find us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The winner will be announced on May 31st.