How to treat operational Scars

Operational Scars can often be quite damaging for a person self-esteem. There are ways you can reduce the appearance of the scars by sticking to a routine and keeping to three simple rules if Early Treatment, Massage and Sun Protection.

  1. Treat Early

First and foremost is treating a scar early because the larger or older a scar is the longer it will take to see signs of improvement. You should begin using a silicone gel like SilDerm Scar gel as soon as the scar has healed. The redness of the scar should reduce within two weeks and it should also flatten. Continue this treatment for 90 days to see the best results.

  1. Massage

We would recommend supplementing the use of SilDerm Scar product with massaging the scar with a simple, additive and perfume free moisturiser.

  1. Protect from the Sun

All Scars will deteriorate in the sun. To see the best results, keep the scar covered or shaded from direct sun and while active in the sun, make sure you wear a high SPF sunscreen such as SunSense Ultra SPF50.