How should I treat my scars?

Everyone will at some point be affected by scarring at some point in their life. There are simple and easy ways to treat these scars effectively to reduce the redness and flatten the skin.

First and foremost the key to scar management is to understand what type of scar you have. There are 3 main types.

  • Hypertrophic scars are what the majority of people with develop. These are red and raised and generally found along the length of the trauma.
  • Burn Scars.  Most burns will cause scars as they tend to heal slower than most other wound types. Early treatment is recommended with the use of silicone and massage.
  • Keloid scars are usually formed after a trauma or wound but spread way from the original wound. Skin which is either very light or very dark tend to be more prone to keloids as there is believed to be a genetic link to the formation of keloids.

The larger or older a scar is, the longer it will take to see improvements however these are our 3 tips for managing scars.Protect in the Sun.

1. Protect in the Sun.

All Scars get worse in the sun. For best treatment keep the scar covered or shaded from direct sun. While active in the sun make sure you wear a high SPF sunscreen such as SunSense Ultra SPF50.

2.  Massage

As well as using one of our SilDerm Scar product we would recommend massaging the scar with a simple, additive and perfume free mosituriser. 

3. Early Treatment

Try and start treating a new scar as soon as a wound has healed doing this with the SilDerm Scar range can reduce the redness of the scar and flatten it within two weeks. Continue the treatment for 90 days for best results. The older the scar is when treatment commences the longer it can take to see a change.