Dadbods vs Instagram Filters

The latest statistics from the British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) have shown a startling difference between the sexes.1

While surgical procedures on the whole declining year on year (8%), due to the les invasive treatments available, there are still growth areas and they differ from men to women.

Surprisingly men are now more likely to opt for facial surgeries over body surgeries. BAAPS believe this trend actually makes sense when you consider the rising popularity of the “Dad Bod”. As men become more accepting of their physical flaws below the neck attention turns to the face.

In stark contrast women have increased the amount body procedures while facial surgeries dwindle. The reason being facial filters. Social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have filters which hide a multitude of sins. Often the users are mainly female. So the focus turns from facial to body.

BAAPS President and consultant plastic surgeon Simon Withey, the puts the downturn in cosmetic surgery procedures down to ‘normalisation’ as the British public are now more aware about the serious impact of surgical procedures as people are aware that surgery is not always the “quick fix” they’d hope.