Can you exercise when pregnant?

Maybe you're enjoying those pregnancy moments and flourishing or could be exhausted as your adapting to your body changing. Exercise may be further from your mind, than it ever has been.

However keeping up your normal day to day routines can help in pregnancy and labour. If you can be active during pregnancy it can help with weight gain, and help you get back into shape after birth.

Speak to your midwife or GP for advice but exercise is not considered dangerous when pregnant. Keeping up with your normal routines such as sport, yoga or walking can help.

exercising while pregnant is possible

Obviously air on the side of caution, don’t exert yourself as you progress through your pregnancy, and always follow advice, as a rule of thumb try not to exercise to the point of breathlessness.

If you are not the type of person who wasn’t active before pregnancy you need to make sure that you are not being too strenuous, and always follow professional advice.

Here are some hints and tips to follow during those precious moments of pregnant:

Make sure you take the time to warm up before exercising, and always cool down afterward

  • Try to keep active on a daily basis, little and often
  • Avoid anything too strenuous particularly in hot weather
  • Don’t forget to hydrate and drink plenty of water
  • If you attend an exercise class, make sure you tell them you are pregnant, and always check that they are qualified instructors.  
  • Swimming is a good form of exercise when pregnant as the water supports your increased weight. 
  • Try to reduce the risk of harm to your baby, with exercises that have a low risk to you. Try to avoid exercise whereby you could be injured or your baby, such as horse riding, skiing, or cycling. Also try to avoid sports where you could be hit i.e kickboxing!

If you are pregnant and exercising it will help your muscles with the weight gain, and generally help you feel better. It could also help with those problematic stretch marks that your body will be more susceptible to. After exercising why not try SilDerm Stretch Mark prevention oil, to help hydrate your skin, and further reduce the risk of your body getting stretch marks.