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Scar Care

What is SilDerm Scar Gel?

What is SilDerm™ Scar Gel made of?

How does SilDerm™ Scar Gel work?

How long will it take for a scar to improve?

How should SilDerm™ Scar Gel be applied?

On what types of scars is SilDerm™ Scar Gel effective?

Does SilDerm™ Scar Gel work on keloid and hypertrophic scars?

What are the advantages of using SilDerm™ Scar Gel instead of silicone sheets?

Is SilDerm™ Scar Gel suitable to use on children?

Does SilDerm™ Scar Gel have any odour associated with it?

Are there any restrictions on the use of SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

How do I clean the affected area before re-applying SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

Will SilDerm™ Scar Gel help heal older scars, or just new scars?

How long should I use SilDerm™ Scar Gel for scar treatment?

How long will it take to see results?

Should I continue to apply SilDerm™ Scar Gel after 90 days?

When can I start to apply SilDerm™ Scar Gel after surgery?

Is SilDerm™ Scar Gel effective on all skin types?

Will SilDerm™ Scar Gel harm my hair?

What is the difference between silicone gel sheets and SilDerm™ Scar Gel?

Is SilDerm™ Scar Gel available on prescription?

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Stretch Marks

What is a Stretch Mark?

How does SilDerm™ Stretch Mark Prevention Oil work?

How does SilDerm™ Stretch Mark Repair Cream work?

Are your products allergy tested?

Is it safe for use in pregnancy?

Do you need to use the prevention oil throughout the pregnancy or start application during midterm?

Do you need to continue after giving birth and for how long?

What is the recommended length of use for the repair of older stretch marks?

Is the cream fragrance free?

Can it be used on children who have had weight gain / loss?

Does it contain sunscreen?

Is SilDerm™ waterproof?

What is the shelf life once it has been opened?

What temperature can it be stored at?

Does it effect if used with other types of topical medication?

Can it be used on skin disorders i.e. eczema?

How long does the average tube last for?

Are SilDerm™ Stretch mark products available on prescription?